Calasanz has been a student and teacher of Karate, Kung Fu, and Kickboxing since his adolescence carrying over into his adult life. In order to design his unique program of Physical Arts Training, Calasanz has united not only his expert Martial Arts techniques, but his training in dance, gymnastics and fitness counseling. Calasanz's combined Martial Arts system of techniques is grounded in ancient wisdom, and is augmented with the contemporary understanding of modern sports medicine. The Calasanz System will improve your body while challenging and nurturing your mind and spirit.


For over two and a half decades Calasanz has been responsible for training students of all ages and ability levels. His list of students spans numerous professions, from professional athletes and dancers to law enforcement officers. Anyone whose goals are the improvement and mastery of their physical fitness, mental focus and long term health are welcome. Regular attendance at classes will imbue you with a new found strength and confidence. The Calasanz Physical Arts system is an impressive program that will lead to a long, happy and healthy life.


Calasanz has a firm belief that we are all capable of initiating the transformation of our own lives should we be willing and committed. "My system," Calasanz explains, "has the unique ability to allow anyone, of any age, who has the determination and the desire, to become a martial artist and to transform his or her life for the better. Come to Calasanz to take something home with you."